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BMW 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav]

BMW 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav]

Manufacturer list price £24,915
CO2 emissions 106 g/km

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Initial Payment
(exc. Balloon)
This is the deposit + the total amount for all monthly payments over the period
This only applies to the product called PCP. The optional final/balloon payment is only payable if you decide to take ownership of the car at the end of the finance period
Representative Example*

Contract Purchase

What is CP?

35 Months x


£1,153 £14,593 £10,725 See more...
8.95% APR Representative
  1. Option to purchase fee £10
  2. There may be a credit arrangement and/or a completion fee to secure the finance. These are already reflected in the total payment shown above.
  3. Excess mileage charges apply if you exceed the agreed mileage and choose not to pay the optional balloon payment
Representative Example*

Hire Purchase

What is HP?

35 Months x


£1,557 £28,134 Not Applicable See more...
8.48% APR Representative
  1. On the road cash price after FinanceAcar subsidy - £24,915
  2. Total amount of credit - £28,134
  3. Unlimited mileage
  4. Option to purchase fee £10
  5. There may be a credit arrangement and/or a completion fee to secure the finance. These are already reflected in the total payment shown above.
Representative Example*

Bank Loan

What is Loan?

35 Months x


Not Applicable £28,368 Not Applicable See more...
9.9% APR Representative
  1. Loan amount - £24,413
  2. Credit arrangement fee: This may vary. Please ask on enquiry.
  3. Unlimited mileage.
  4. This is an unsecured loan taken by an individual or a company. Min/max period 12 – 60 months
  5. Maximum borrowings not to exceed £25,000 and amount lent will depend on credit status
  • Prices valid at time of publication. These change without notice and are subject to credit status
  • Guarantees and indemnities may be required to secure finance
  • There may be an admin fee relating to securing the vehicle
  • * Representative example means the full details of the agreement should you choose to take that product

New 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] Finance

At FinanceAcar, our unique car financing comparison engine searches, compares and computes the best 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] deals for corporate and personal buyers of new BMW vehicles. These prices have been calculated for you by locating the cheapest price for the car (from dealers) and matching this with the cheapest finance price (from top UK lenders) to give you an unbeatable monthly price. The cheapest payment option is always shown first and includes the full manufacturer's warranty and all delivery costs (to your specified address) from a primary BMW dealer.

FinanceAcar offers personal users a range of finance products including the most competitive prices for new BMW 1 SERIES leases. The typical car leasing option, such as PCH, can be the most cost effective for drivers seeking a car for a 2 - 3 year period who then want to update it without having to do a part-exchange, however, not all car buyers want to do this. If you plan to own the new vehicle after the end of the finance period, then a PCP or hire purchase deal can provide the best value. To learn more about these options, see the advantages and disadvantages of leasing in our car finance options section. As leasing is not for everyone, above you will also find the most affordable alternatives such as 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] car loans, pcp and hire purchase offers on FinanceAcar.

1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] Leasing Deals

FinanceAcar is a specialist in obtaining some of the best BMW 1 SERIES leasing deals in the UK. All of our new 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] lease deals are sourced from top UK lenders (and dealers) so you can have confidence that the best price listed above for your BMW is one of the cheapest leasing offers available in the UK. To continue, just choose the deal you prefer from bmw-1-seriesabove. Your finance options are ranked with the cheapest monthly payment listed first to help you determine the best deal for your needs. You can browse some of the lowest monthly prices in the UK for your new car by looking at the ranked results above.

Cheap 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] Contract Hire

A Contract hire deal is one of the most popular BMW financing choices for businesses that need to purchase company cars, as companies (and small businesses) will enjoy tax benefits and the convenience of a regular monthly fee without having to be concerned about depreciation costs. Contract hire is also a preferred option for businesses that provide their staff with 1 SERIES 3dr Hatchback 116d M Sport [Nav] company cars in exchange for salary sacrifices and a lower personal tax burden.

Did you know that...

1. approximately 8 in every 10 new cars supplied by dealers are not bought with cash but are actually funded by a monthly payment using car finance?

2. comparing a car finance deal quoted to you by a dealer with other alternatives can save you thousands of pounds?

3. the four major types of car finance are car leasing (either PCH or business contract hire), PCP, hire purchase and a personal loan;

4. the most popular car finance product provided by UK dealers is PCP (UK Finance and Leasing Association) where you pay a monthly price for 2 to 5 years after which you have the option to buy the car?

5. you can use the web to choose a car, add your options, apply online for finance and have your car (with a 14 day cool off and full warranty) delivered to your door by a dealer?

You can learn more by reading about the pros and cons of personal car finance options or business car finance options or use our FAQs.