VW Scirocco: sophisticated motoring

It has been away for a while but if you are thinking of leasing new Volkswagen Scirocco models, you will be glad it is back. Underneath the sleek body shell, the Scirocco is all Golf but there can be few better donor cars for a sports coupe. The Golf is, of course, a very accomplished car but its very success means that there are a lot of them about. The Scirocco is a bit different and although the cars are priced similarly when you compare like with like, there is an air of exclusivity about the Scirocco. Yes, leasing new Volkswagen Scirocco models means losing some of the practicality of a five-door hatch but that is compensated for by a great-looking car for those who prefer a bit of style with their sensible Volkswagen. 

Once you have decided that leasing new Volkswagen Scirocco models is right for you, selecting the specific variant is next. The simply titled Scirocco comes first and offers a choice of six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic gear boxes married to either a 1.4 litre petrol engine or 2.0 litre diesel. There is also the option of the frugal 1.4 litre BlueMotion engine technology. The GT version adds bigger alloys and more powerful engines, along with climate control, front fog lights and upgraded upholstery. At the top of the range, the R-Line adds leather seats and even bigger alloys.

The Scirocco’s Golf underpinnings mean that you know this car is going to be robust as well as stylish and at www.financeacar.co.uk we make sure our Vauxhall Scirocco finance packages perform just as well. On our website you will find comprehensive guides on each of the main types of finance, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each and allowing you two make side-by-side comparisons. You will learn, for example, that a personal contract hire or personal contract purchase agreement is best for minimising monthly payments, but that hire-purchase and car-loan deals can be cheaper if you intend to keep your Scirocco for a longer period.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed choice about the type of finance deal best suited to your needs. Once you have decided on the finance package that is right for you, we will bring you quotes from all of the major providers to ensure that you choose from the best deals around. With the peace of mind offered by our 14-day cooling-off period, you can be sure that you have made the right choice on your car finance and simply look forward to taking delivery of your new Scirocco at home.

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