BMW 3 Series: perfect marriage of performance and practicality

If you are interested in a prestige compact executive car, you are probably already looking at leasing new BMW 3 Series models. Over the years the 3 Series has almost made this sector its own. Incredibly, the 3 series has outsold the Ford Mondeo in the UK, which is even more surprising when you consider the supposed mass-market appeal of the Ford car. It is easy to see why the BMW 3 Series is such a success. It marries performance and a great driving experience to a prestige image and does so with a decent amount of practicality thrown in. 

Leasing new BMW 3 Series models leads you to consider a model variant structure that hasn’t changed in decades. The range starts with the 316 and as the numbers on the boot lid rise towards the mighty 335, the engines under the bonnet get bigger and more powerful. The trim levels have been renamed, though. The range kicks off with the Sport and continues with increasing luxury through the Modern, Luxury and M-Sport models. The body styles have remained fairly constant, with saloon, touring (estate), convertible and coupe formats, but BMW has now also added the Gran Turismo fastback variant.

You will soon find that leasing new BMW 3 Series models is an exercise in choice and judgement. The range is truly vast and BMW has made sure that it has a 3 Series to appeal to almost every driver, from those seeking breathtaking performance to those looking for quiet luxury and even those who want a fairly practical little family estate. At, we think that you should benefit from the same sort of choice when choosing your car finance. That is why we offer the full range of the major car finance packages, from personal contract hire and personal contract purchase to hire purchase and car loans.

On our website you will find comprehensive information on all types of BMW 3 Series finance options to allow you to make clear side-by-side comparisons. Whether you wish to minimise monthly payments or achieve the lowest overall cost, you will find the finance package which meets your requirements. When you do, we will provide you with quotations from all of the leading finance providers, making sure that you benefit from the best deals on the market. All that remains is to sit back and wait for your new BMW 3 Series to be delivered right to your door, safe in the knowledge that our 14-day cooling-off period is there to make sure you have made the right choice on your car finance.

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