Renault Scenic: an impressive MPV

Renault’s Scenic has long been a leader in the highly competitive compact-MPV sector and those leasing new Renault Scenic models will find that the French car company has not stood still. The new Scenic Dynamique, for example, has added integrated TomTom satellite navigation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, hands-free entry and super-efficient engines to an already impressive equipment list. Elsewhere in the range, leasing new Renault Scenic XMOD models will place you in an exciting crossover design, combining MPV practicality with the rugged good looks of an SUV off-roader. 

Sometimes you just need a little more space and leasing new Renault Grand Scenic variants provides you with an extended wheelbase and three rows of seats. This practical MPV seats up to seven people and offers an exciting combination of performance and technology in an adaptable format. At, we think that your Renault Scenic finance options should be just as adaptable and able to accommodate your specific requirements. That is why we offer the full range of all major car finance arrangements. We also think that you should have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of every type of car finance and on our website you will find clear and concise descriptions of each, highlighting the pros and cons and allowing you to make side-by-side comparisons.

You will learn, for example, that a personal contract purchase (PCP) or personal contract hire (PCH) deal could save you up to 60% on your monthly payments in comparison to the same car financed by a hire-purchase (HP) or car-loan agreement. This could have a dramatic effect on your finances, allowing you to acquire a better new car than you ever thought possible. If you think you will be keeping your Renault Scenic for a longer period, however, an HP agreement or car-loan deal could work out to be cheaper in the longer term.

Being armed with such information means that you can make an informed choice when it comes to your car finance. When you do, we at will obtain quotes from all of the leading suppliers of your chosen finance to make sure that you benefit from the keenest deals around. We will also provide you with a 14-day cooling-off period so that you can be absolutely confident that you have made the right decision on your car finance package. Then all you need to do is sit back and look forward to your new Renault Scenic being delivered straight to your door.

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