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Nissan Qashqai Special – Leasing Deals from £165.00 per month (Excl VAT)

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Originally British designed and built, yet named after the nomadic Qashqai tribe in Iran, the Nissan Qashqai is a very popular vehicle in the UK with approximately 35,000 sold in the UK last year.  It is a top 5 seller in the competitive category of lower medium cars alongside Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra.  It’s competitively priced at around £15,395 (or £165.00 per month (excl VAT)) and has a sleek look and feel. What Car? says it is “a brilliant family car because it’s roomy, comfortable, refined and affordable to run. The king-of-the-road driving position is another plus point, and standard equipment is good.” 

It is styled to cater to those buyers who want a more dynamic design, but are not attracted to the large, aggressive nature of a sport utility vehicle.  Top Gear says “Nissan’s designer and engineers can tick their boxes. They’ve met the brief – the Qashqai looks a bit like an SUV, drives a lot like a car. It actually works quite well. Space is excellent, with the Qashqai offering plenty of head and legroom throughout the cabin. The rear bench is wide enough to carry three. At 410 litres, the boot is big for a car in the C-sector (the Focus manages 385 litres).” 

Be sure to check out our fantastic car leasing special for four year deals on Nissan Qashqai Hatchback 1.6 Visia 5Dr.  For a 48 month contract hire deal you could drive this car for just £165.00 (excl VAT) per month. Alternatively, for personal leasing you could drive this car for £205.00 (per month (incl VAT) using personal contract hire leasing.  Check our Nissan Qashqai Hatchback special now.

Lease Hyundai Coupe for only £313 incl. VAT per month

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

This is one of our favourite coupés and it’s always held a special place in our hearts. Hyundai are another of those Johnny-come-latelys as a car manufacturer who hasn’t had the time to build the pedigree of some of the snobbier brands. However it has come a mighty long way and certainly has a very good reputation amongst those, like ourselves, who’ve actually driven and had one in the garage for a few years.

The Hyundai Coupe of the 21st Century has been a marvellously well sculpted car and is certainly very pleasant on the eye. The backend has been compared by more than one reviewer to a Ferrari 456. It’s also a sporty and simply fun car to drive.

That’s why we wanted today to mention our offer on Hyundai Coupes, where you could be driving a Hyundai Coupe 3dr SIII through personal contract hire for only £313 incl. VAT. This is a great opportunity to be driving a fantastic car that’ll win a place in your heart.

Making brand-new cars like this available to you is what the car leasing side of our business is all about.

Now, often when I want to know something about a car, I consult with the real man’s guru, our friend Mr Clarkson. He’s reputedly quite a fan of the Coupe and the BBC recently had this to say in a trade magazine about it:”I know Jeremy’s a fan of the Coupe; he and Richard Hammond are both big fans, They’ve both said it’s great value, and a seriously good sports car.”

So if you have never considered it, then take a look at this beautiful car one day in person, and you might just fall for it like we did.

Lease Vauxhall Insignia for £358 incl. VAT a month!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The team at General Motors really pushed the boat out when designing a new range to replace the old Vectra, and aimed squarely at the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo. The Vauxhall Insignia is a great car for long drives and when you spent a lot of time on the road. It’s also a super family car, which is why today we’re emphasizing the great personal contract hire deal we have on where you can lease a Vauxhall Insignia through us for only £358 a month incl. VAT.

Vauxhall is a grand old British brand, of course, though owned by General Motors and really their public face in Europe, and by extension the good old U.S. of A. government nowadays.

This latest car leasing deal is on a Vauzhall Insignia Hatchback 5dr 1.8i 16V Exclusiv for only £358 a month incl. VAT. And yes, that’s the name of the variant which is totally exclusive but only lacking an ‘e’ at the end. Vauxhall and General Motors have been around for a good long while, but this is all fairly new, and not as conservative as you might think though there are nods in the styling towards the golden years of yesterday when the Vauxhall was always the car of choice for a travelling salesman.

So what did the conservative Daily Telegraph have to say? Well, Andrew English over there was positive and commented that he was : “shocked at how good and, well, modern the Vauxhall appears. Is this really the griffin-badged ship of the motorway that will carry sales warriors into battle? The chromium trim around the windows, the pert tail and distinguished snout look to be of another class of car altogether. A BMW maybe? Perhaps a Volkswagen, or even an Audi?”

So, it’s clear that Vauxhall have been aiming high with this design and with car leasing, there’s a way you can definitely afford to drive one. So consider a contract hire deal and check this and other special deals out at

Lease Toyota Prius and drive the future

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The future is definitely green technology. In whatever direction you look, there are new electric car models and hybrid engines under development. They’re not always the cheapest solutions up front just yet, but the cost is coming down and one of these days we will all be driving a hybrid car or even a totally electric one. Probably sooner than you think possible – especially as you may lease a car with all these new technologies…

There is however one undisputed leader in making these new technologies already accessible to the masses, or if not quite the masses, then a reasonably large number of people who can afford to live in the future today. That’s Toyota, with their Prius, which you’re most likely very aware of since there have been versions available for many years now.

What you may not have realised is how relatively affordable driving a Prius has become. With our new special offer, you could be driving a Toyota Prius Hatchback 5dr 1.8 VVTi T3 CVT for only £288 excl. VAT on contract hire over 36 months! This is a great deal and makes being one of the first people you know to drive a hybrid car much easier than you probably thought.

The Prius is now in its third generation and has advanced spectacularly in design. It’s fantastic for driving in slow moving traffic as it can switch to entirely electric driving under 35 miles an hour with no resulting emissions. Perfect for London? Absolutely! Especially when you remember that it’s exempted from the London Congestion Charge. Do remember that getting this car on contract hire makes it much cheaper on a monthly basis.

And even those hard-nuts-to-crack over at Top Gear agree with this. Late last year they named the Prius their ‘City Car of the Year‘ and their editor said: “You have to admire the Prius. It’s a testament to Toyota that it has refined this car over three generations to arrive at something quite ground-breaking.”

So now it’s actually cool (and on the cool wall at Top Gear) as well as super advanced and a little piece of a 2030 lifestyle that you can start living today. So if you were thinking it was out of your reach, do consider this great new car leasing offer.

Lease Mini One for only £200/month excl. VAT!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Lease a Mini One – a small but funky car that needs a good home for only £200/month!

“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” yelled Michael Caine in “The Italian Job” in 1969 and made cinema history with one of the most-loved one-liners of all time. And, of course, if you’re British you know perfectly well why the Mini – that British icon – has been associated ever since with that film. The film encouraged the popular view of the Mini as slightly rebellious, very nippy and good in a tight spot. And no spot was ever tighter than that in which those British crooks in their three getaway Minis found themselves. Stuck in a city wide traffic jam created by the brains of the group, they took their Minis a near-impossible route out of the city and away. And if it all didn’t end happily every after, it wasn’t the fault of the three Minis.

So, long time after, there had to be a remake. The less said about the latest movie version of the Italian Job the better. But that’s not our interest here – because as we all know, the remake of the Mini range for the modern age was a stunning success. A perfect mix of the best of the old and what made the Mini the Mini, along with the undoubted advantages of modernity.

So, if you’re not looking to move 9 people off to a football match, but rather maybe 2.5 people with a certain amount of élan then you would certainly be looking at a Mini One. And perhaps considering car leasing now – if you haven’t already.

Which is why you’re probably be happily gobsmacked to realise that you could be driving off in one of these delightful brand-new cars for only 200 quid a month on contract hire. Let’s me repeat that : we have the Mini One 1.4 available for only £200/month excl. VAT. That’s a fantastic deal and it would cost a lot less per month to have that sitting outside your swanky apartment or business. Well, it may or not be a swanky apartment, but people are going to make certain assumptions when you have one of these gorgeous little (well, not so little anymore) cars outside.

Please note that this special is only for business users. Yes, I know – frustrating. It’s for super salesmen who need to be with their clients and need a nice car on contract hire so as not too lose credibility. But do give us a call anyway – who knows what might have changed since this blog went up and we may be able to do you a deal.

If you’re thinking of the Mini One, you would be the kind of person who cares about little details. This is a motor vehicle which needs the proper funky care taken with all the add-ons. Which is why we at FinanceACar have included the ‘Pepper Pack’ of combined accessories in this deal that this just makes it so much more irresistible as part of a car leasing deal. And just that much more adorable. The Pepper Pack is simply a great add-on option pack which we have decided to take on your behalf (since we know what kind of classy people for whom we tend to finance cars.) It includes a leather steering wheel, alloy wheels, bluetooth etc etc etc.

Autoexpress drove this car for a long period before telling us what a good time the reviewer had: “The One reminds me of an original Mini – I find myself leaving it in third gear because it sounds just right. Performance is relatively modest, but around town no supercar is faster. You don’t even miss the extra power of the Cooper or Cooper S. And people still turn and look – the MINI shows no sign of losing its street cred.”

So, if you’ve ever thought about it, think about it some more. At only £200 a month excl.VAT, that’s the kind of deal that will have you feeling like you’re driving a coach-load of stolen gold back through the Swiss Alps…

Lease Citroen C3 Hatchback – une voiture trés bon marché mais aussi sympa

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Well, for those of you who don’t speak French, this is just a really nice, really inexpensive car which will be friendly to your pocket and a good friend in general. And for those of you who do speak French, I did my best with Google Translator, what more can I do? I am not here to sing this car’s praises or write French literature, we only have a few available on special and we needed to get the word out – pronto.

We’ve got a great special car leasing offer on the Citroen C3 Hatchback 5 dr 1.1l where you can park this car outside your house for only £151 per month excl. VAT for 48 months on a personal contract hire. We estimate that’s about £110 a month less than you’d be paying on a car loan over that period and you don’t need to worry about the resale value at the end.

There’s near unamity on this car, with Top Gear (not sure if it was Jeremy Clarkson but I think not, perhaps they gave him the day off) saying: “A kind of French Ford Fiesta, but cheaper to buy, insure and run.” How simple is that? Not a lot to get your head around, except it may take some time to grasp just what a good deal it is when you could have this in your garage for only £151 per month excl. VAT. This is just such a good sense deal for those who don’t need to be hugging the curve in a low-slung convertible but would rather be able to “bask instead in the agoraphobia-inducing charms of that massive panoramic roof.” (Top Gear again…)

So, do consider this special car leasing offer from FinanceACar if you’ve decided that frugal, sensible and French may be the way to go.

Lease Kia Soul – with an option to buy on a contract purchase

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The Kia Soul is modern, fresh, perhaps even as funky as its name suggests. It’s larger than you might think when you look at the pictures and is what some of the world’s most advanced designers of family cars think you need to really appreciate the 21st Century good life. It’s lively, fun, immensely practical and a little bit different.

But perhaps too different? So after considering it, you relapse and buy something a little more mainstream and (dare we say it) old-fashioned? That’s exactly why we had to bring this latest contract purchase deal to your attention.

Wait for it – a contract purchase deal on a Kia Soul Hatchback for only £207 a month excl. VAT over 48 months! And the exclamation mark is fully warranted, for it’s actually less per month that a contract hire deal over 36 months. Contract purchase means that after 48 months you can either return the car or purchase it for a single agreed final payment. So, you have the certainty of buying the car through hire purchase or a car loan. But if you find you want to move on from the Kia Soul Hatchback 5dr 1.6 after a few years, then you don’t have to worry about resale value. You simply hand the car back after 48 months and walk away.

And what does our old friend Jeremy Clarkson, lover of the ultimate sports cars and scourge of the not-so-great cars of the world, have to say about the Kia Soul in the Times? Simply that:

“It looks fantastic because it looks fresh and exciting and modern and nothing like anything that has gone before. And that means the nation’s dreary people will think: “Oooh no. I’d better not buy one of those because it’ll be hard to sell and may look dated in a couple of years’ time…[but it is] the first car from the Pacific rim that is more than 1.2 tons of metal, glass and plastic. The Soul is that as well but it has a personality. It wormed its way into my heart.”

So, why don’t you discover what made the hardest man in automotive criticism go all gooey on us? And then think about the car finance that could take all the risk out of one of the best car leasing deals we’ve seen in a long time. And did we mention the Kia 7 year manufacturer’s warranty?

Lease Vauxhall Zafira for £220 a month – practical pizzazz

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

There comes a time when the ‘tribe’ otherwise known as the family requires either a convoy or a switch to something a little more practical and roomy. At the same time, you may not want to abandon all hope of a comfortable ride, with a little oomph under the bonnet for when you need it. So, perhaps time to consider the Vauxhall Zafira? Fairly described as the queen of MPVs, the Zafira could be just what you need without yet realising it. And since it’s only a period of 3-4 years when the tribe of adolescents in the house is at its peak in numbers and so is the need for ‘mum’s taxi’, car leasing in place of buying could make good sense. Why buy if two or more adolescents will be off to college before too long? And car leasing provides that flexibility of not having to worry too much when your needs change.

But why consider the Zafira as your MPV? Don’t just listen to us, “the baby websitereviewer helped persuade us of its charms: “Overall, the Zafira has been a complete revelation. I never expected so much space, comfort, practicality, economy and performance to be available in one low-cost package. For those with seven family members to take from A to B, I wouldn’t recommend anything else!”

And if that doesn’t make you at least start considering it … wait until you read our special offer for contract hire here at FinanceACar, lease Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5dr Estate 1.8i Exclusiv at only £220 a month excl. VAT! You could be carrying your entire family to-and-fro for the cost of only £220 a month excl. VAT. This is an excellent deal which we just had to share with you and another example of how personal contract hire is something you should definitely explore as a car finance option.

So do check out the Vauxhall Zafira MPV 5dr Estate 1.8i Exclusiv. And yes, that last e in exclusive is intentionally missing – or maybe they just lost it somewhere in the sheer roominess of this fantastic people carrier?

Lease a Toyota IQ for only £161 per month – an intelligent choice

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

This is a great time to consider a Toyota IQ if you are looking for a small hatchback, perhaps for running around town?

It’s worth looking at some more slightly unusual models (for the UK anyway!) when test driving those small cars and you may be find something a bit more like what you really need.

Toyota have always had a great reputation for build quality, and with FinanceACar’s great new car leasing offer on a Toyota IQ Hatchback 3dr 1.0 VVT-i at only £161 (ex. VAT) per month over 36 months, you may need to look no further for your dream small car. To lease a Toyota IQ Hatchback through us is  also a very simple process indeed.

Now don’t just take our word for it, even Jeremy Clarkson was fairly impressed:

“It is 2½in shorter than the original Mini, but because the differential is mounted in front of the engine the cabin is big enough for four seats … it falls into the tax-free category… More important, it should do 70mpg if driven carefully.

In white, with the tinted windows, it’s like a Stormtrooper’s helmet. I liked that. And I loved the enormous array of equipment too. It’s hard to think of a single toy fitted to my Mercedes that isn’t in the little iQ.”

Of course, if car leasing isn’t what you’re looking for on a small car, then there are other competitive car finance options available on our industry-leading website. However  do consider car leasing as an option in these difficult economic times, even you haven’t before  - at only £161 per month over three years, this is one car leasing deal we didn’t want you to miss.

Contact us at FinanceACar today if you’d like to know more.

Lease Mitsubishi Colt for as low as £148 per month!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

You should check out’s latest car leasing deal: Lease a Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 3 dr 1.1 CZ1 for as low as £148 exc. VAT per month! Leasing a Mitsubishi might not be your first choice when thinking of a small hatchback but you should definitely consider taking a Mitsubishi Colt contract hire as you take advantage of a great car leasing deal as well as a car that is very good value for money.

As Autoexpress puts it, “The Colt has proven to be a popular supermini, offering a competitive all-round package for low prices”.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and contact FinanceAcar!