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Ford S-Max: a SAVvy Sport Activity Vehicle

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

The market is awash with what the industry calls ‘crossover’ cars, which blend characteristics from different sectors, such as the supermini and MPV or prestige saloon and 4×4. If you are thinking of leasing new Ford S-MAX models you will find that Ford has taken this trend even further. Ford suggests that its S-Max combines elements of MPV, people carrier, saloon car and even SUV to come up with something they are calling a ‘Sport Activity Vehicle’ or SAV. Whatever you choose to call it, leasing new Ford S-MAX models brings you an extremely practical and adaptable car.  (more…)

Ford S-Max offers best of both worlds

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Sometimes in our motoring lives we are forced into a decision we do not want to make. After a few years of keen motoring, when we’ve enjoyed the delights of drivers’ cars, along comes a family and now we must consider the option of an MPV. Gone will be the days of agile handling and responsive feel as the priority of family transport rises to the fore. However, now you can have both with a Ford S-Max leasing deal.

The S-Max is based on the Mondeo, itself a highly competent, underrated car. The S-Max offers most of the good points from the Mondeo, but with the added bonus of vast amounts of extra space. With a Ford S-Max lease deal – or Ford S-Max contract hire plan for business customers – you will be getting a seven seat family car with a reputation for practicality. The rear five seats can be folded flat so you can cart around large, bulky items in the resulting cavernous boot space, and with all seven seats in place there is still room for some baggage.