Buying a new car and getting finance online is new to me. How does it work?

Buying a new car and getting finance online is new to me. How does it work?

8 out of 10 people buy their new car using a car loan, car leasing or some other form or finance such as PCP or hire purchase. Car buyers typically visit many dealers to find the best vehicle price and it is only after that when they sort the most important part – how to pay for it. When a dealer offers you a deal based on finance it will include a monthly price. If people just accept this it means that they are not comparing the most important part – the monthly price given to them by the dealer.

Therefore, it is best to take that monthly price and compare it as you would your car insurance, house insurance etc.  Our website is the only website in the UK that enables you to do this. It has prices from dealers and finance companies from across the UK and it will give you the best price that it has on its books for the car that you are looking for.

You can request finance through us or you can take a car + finance package and we will deliver the car to your door.  If you take a car + finance package the vehicle that you receive will come from a UK dealer and it will have a full manufacturer warranty.

The car which is delivered to you will be identical to any you may have test driven at a dealer. You can also be reassured that as you will enter in to a distance contract (i.e. not face to face) the law protects you by giving you have a 14 day cooling off period on the finance. So, if you sign a contract to take a new car on finance, you will have 14 days to change your mind.


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