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What are the different Finance Options available?

If you are looking to obtain a new car, you are about to make an extremely important decision! Factors such as safety, economy, size, design and price are major considerations in your ‘car shopping’ process. However, whether you are looking for a company car for a business or a family car, one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make is how to finance your new car. It could be via cash, car leasinghire purchase or a car loan. Whichever you choose, be sure to consider all of your car finance options to make an informed decision before signing any contract!!

It is impossible to say that one finance option is always better than the other because the correct answer will always depend on the circumstances of each case and the type of car finance you choose.  There are many different types of car finance. Some finance products are just for consumers and some that are for businesses only.

FinanceAcar is a unique website within the UK as it allows you to compare car finance prices for all major finance products in a matter of seconds. The following explains the definitions, the advantages and disadvantages of the major car finance option available to you. Click on Business Use if you are looking for car finance for a business or alternatively take a look at Personal Use.

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