FinanceAcar’s prices seem very competitive. How is it possible?

FinanceAcar's prices seem very competitive. How is it possible? is an online car marketplace.  Think of it as a super-dealer that offers monthly prices for all new cars from franchised dealers and finance companies across the UK.

The price that you are presented with for your selected vehicle is the cheapest price from all dealers and finance companies in our marketplace at that time.  The price might be from a dealer in the South West while you live in the North East but the car is still delivered to your door.

Therefore, our website not only saves you money but it also saves you stress and time comparing prices from one dealer to another.  Our dealer partners and finance companies are constantly updating prices which change daily.

Our packages are often cheaper than if you find a car and then finance it separately because our partners buy cars in large volumes and therefore get substantial discounts that we pass on to you.


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